Global Cities Model Worlds

Global Cities, Model Worlds is a traveling exhibition about the spatial and social impacts of “mega-events,” such as the Olympics and the World’s Fairs. The host cities of mega-events seek to transform themselves through planning, architecture, and ideology, becoming “global cities” in the process. Locally, mega-events pave the way for redevelopment projects that can create new public resources such as parks or transportation, but often result in significant displacement of residents or industry, thus reinforcing existing social inequities. The exhibition contrasts the promise of transformation with the on-the-ground realities of urban development. GCMW‘s modular forms, made of interlocking equilateral triangles, were inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s Biodome (built for Expo ’67 in Montreal) and Dymaxion map projection. The exhibition contains aerial photos of every Olympic stadium and World’s Fair site; a 40-foot timeline of mega-events in 2010; and pop-up acrylic models, which explore case studies of the impact of mega-events. GCMW will travel through the end of 2013 to cities that have bid for, hosted, or will host a mega-event.

Global Cities, Model Worlds was produced by Ryan Griffis, Lize Mogel, & Sarah Ross. It was made possible by grants from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, and material and financial support from the Miller Gallery and the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, and Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Special thanks to Astria Suparak, Golan Levin, Lorelei Stewart.

Novas Cartografias, Carioca Design Center/Studio X, Rio De Janiero
May 17, 2013 to June 8, 2013
Gallery 400 – University of Illinois, Chicago
Jan 20, 2012 to Mar 03, 2012
Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University
Sep 16, 2011 to Dec 11, 2011