Curated and designed by Ryan Griffis & Sarah Ross

Between 2010 & 2015, Regional Relationships (RR) functioned as a curatorial and publication platform run by Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross. Regional Relationships worked with artists, scholars, writers and activists to create works that investigate the natural, industrial and cultural landscapes of a region. It was a platform to re-imagine the spaces and cultural histories around us. An invitation to join in seeing what we can learn—and learning what we can see—by juxtaposing spaces and narratives that are usually kept apart.

The outcome of these collaborations was small-run publications and artifacts that could be mailed to a small list of subscribers along with individuals and organizations identified by RR commissioned collaborators whose work intersected with the theme of each specific project.

Guided by that mission, Regional Relationships launched in 2010 with “A Map Without Boundaries” by artist Matthew Friday and continued with projects by Claire Pentecost (“Greetings from the Cornbelts”), Fereshteh Toosi & Neil Brideau (“Yock Yok”), Patrick Lichty (“The Secret Collection”), and Ryan Griffis/Sarah Ross (“Between the Bottomlands & the World”).

Image above: Regional Relationships mailer publications.
RR01: “A Map Without Boundaries” with Matthew Friday (printed maps, canvas satchel with pen, brush, and pigment created from acid mine drainage) 2011.
RR02: “Greetings from the Cornbelts” with Claire Pentecost (five printed postcards, 11×17 printed poster/drawing) 2012.
RR03: “Yock, Yok” with Fereshteh Toosi and Neil Brideau (mini comic, screenprinted tea towel, audio CD) 2013.
RR04: “The Secret Collection” with Patrick Lichty (two postcards, 3D printed photoluminescent arrowheads) 2014.
RR05: “Between the Bottomlands & the World” Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross (10 printed cards, SD video DVD, envelope)

For more information on each project see the Regional Relationships website.